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The scope of my trainings and workshops is growing year by year, just as the competences' needs in the modern VUCA/BANI world are changing. One of my clients recently asked me a question: "... In which areas of competence are you able to enter the room on the spot and lead them "with your eyes closed" at the highest possible level, with up-to-date knowledge?...". My answer was:

Group trainings and workshops are undoubtedly my favorite development activities that improve the competences of their participants. My clients value me for my up-to-date knowledge, which I am constantly expanding, because simply what I train in is my passion. The skills and tools I use are adapted to the dynamically changing situation on the market, and at the same time are passed on in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Building relationships, openness, discussions related to the current business challenges of the participants – these are the elements of each of my trainings, because thanks to that the participants remember more. I want each participant to complete the training with the willingness to implement the developed action plan and try out the tools they have learned.

I’m great at one-off interventions, but at the same time I appreciate longer development processes. I can guide participants on their way to become a better manager, employee, and expert in a selected area of competence. I remain in constant, long-term cooperation with most of my clients, accompanying them in the change processes and development of the organization, and at the same time observing the positive impact of my activities.

What participants and clients say about my trainings: LinkedIn

Gerard O’Donovan
Gerard O’Donovan

CEO and founder of the Noble Manhattan Group

It has been my honour and pleasure to have worked with Lukasz for the last year. He is one of the most dedicated and committed bussinessmen I have known and an absolute joy to work with. Gerard

Piotr Grządziel
Piotr Grządziel

#BigTimeCareership | Personal Branding

Lukasz is a very passionate, creative and detail oriented person. Every project we have worked on together ran smoothly, pushing the business development in new and exciting areas. I'd be a pure pleasure working with him again.

Klaudia Krawczyk
Klaudia Krawczyk

Senior Brand Manager Plain & Brand Equity

Łukasz's training is a huge dose of practical knowledge in a positive, inspiring and motivating atmosphere. It was the first time I participated in a training in which everyone, without exception, was fully engaged. This is all thanks to Łukasz's vast knowledge, but also to his extraordinary ability to establish relationships with training participants, and thus to use examples that truly resonate with the group. I highly recommend working with Łukasz to everyone!

Agata Dul
Agata Dul

Head of Product Line HV

Training with Łukasz is the best thing that could have happened to me as a beginner manager. With a group of very committed people, slightly lost in their new roles, who are just learning how to manage teams, he did wonders and provided us with various tools, knowledge base and a lot of laughter because he ran everything in a great atmosphere. Even the most skeptical participants were convinced, because Łukasz approached the discussed problems very individually and repeatedly referred to the subject of the company, at the same time establishing relations with the group (...).


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