Individual development process

Individual development work with another person, mainly in business areas – this is in my opinion the best definition of a modern mentoring approach. This work is aimed at broadening horizons and developing selected areas of competence, coping with numerous challenges or preparing for a new role. To make this happen, I use a wide range of tools in mentoring that were created to fit the needs – coaching, tutoring, consulting, shadowing and feedback and feed forward. This process also includes joint generation of solutions and the transfer of tools to be used in specific managerial or business situations.

I have extensive business experience,thet helps me to conduct effective mentoring processes. I am constantly developing my knowledge and myself. I have participated in dozens of trainings, workshops and business seminars around the world, also leading workshops, trainings and seminars. I have international coaching and mentoring accreditations from Noble Manhattan Coaching (NMC), International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M) and Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). I am also an internationally accredited trainer of EMC, AMA Global, MTI, Gustav Kaser Academy, trainer and in-house assessor of Orange and Mercedes-Benz AG, I am a certified consultant of psychometric tools Psytech International designed to diagnose the personal potential of employees.

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